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This site is descendant of the site www.coinsv.narod.ru, founded in 2001

Briefly about the topics:

This is the main topic - to help in the identification of coins.
The coins are grouped by territory. If you can not to determine country of the coin - use the search. For example, searching on the legend "SIT NOMEN DNI BENEDICTVM" leads to a page with the coins of the French kingdom.
For each country, coins grouped by the rulers, and periods of coinage.
By clicking on the coin, you can see an enlarged picture in a separate window (not for all coins).
Designation of the material of the coin:
Cu - Copper
Ni - Nickel
Ag - Silver
Brass - composition of copper and zinc
Zn - Zinc
Bro - Bronze
St - Steel
Al - Aluminum
Fiber - plastic;

Accordingly, Cu-Ni is the composition of copper and nickel. For the bimetallic coins specified material "inner circle/outer ring", for example Brass/St.

ND - no date. If you see a date in brackets - the time determined by the type of coins.

List of coins and banknotes for swap. Prices according to Krause catalogue (mainly), but I can to swap on your terms.

Information for the numismatist.
Table of conformity of various figures Arabian (more precisely, what we name Arabian) and ways of definition of a date for coins of the countries using other calendar.
Lists of good swappers and bad swappers.

References to interesting resources in the Internet. Invite to exchange links (not necessarily with numismatics resources), write me.

The site is constantly updated.

All questions and suggestions - coinsv@narod.ru
Using of materials of the site is possible with the permission of the author only.


Some information about tokens.


coin - Russian version of this catalog.