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Sale and swap coins


I offer to swap - for me need coins, which absent in my catalog.

You can to buy coins and banknotes since this list (but you can't to buy any coins since catalog - it is only images). If you will buy more then $50 - I gave discount 3%, more then $100 - 5%.
Postage with registered letter for 1-5 coins - $5, for 6-10 coins - $6, for 11-15 coins - $7, and the next +$1 for each 5 coins. Postage for any quantity of the banknotes - $5.
All types of coins since the list, you can see in the catalog, but it is not always the same coin - possible another year and another condition, it is type only. If you want to see a specific coin or banknote - ask me, I will to make scan.
Preferred payment - PayPal.
I send letters once a week - in Saturday.

Pricelist of world coins and banknotes for sale and swap in Excel here.

Wright me - coinsv@narod.ru